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AJ Supa Fly” (ASF), has been combining quotable HipHop metaphors since the age of thirteen, with catchy melodies that sticks with listeners in his new generation of HipHop. In his debut single "Wake Up," ASF gave fans a melodic driven flow that crossed over into the hip-hop/R&B genre. His follow up single "Shots" is reminiscent of old school hip-hop break beats yet painted a lyrical perspective of his present generation's attitude toward the past. In 2020 ASF showed fans he could make it all make sense with his first EP "D1" which pays homage to his Bronx Hip-hop roots with tracks like "Lessons" and "My Niggas" while being in the present with cuts like "Rockstar Denim" and "55K", to in the end despite covid ASF took fans to the club with dance tunes "Claffy" and "Buy U A Drink". ASF's latest release "GG" follows a concession of nod worthy singles like "Highlights" and "Touchdown" to round out 2020 and ready fans for his April 12th 2021 release of "She Wants YSL" a club banger about dripping your girl down in designer that will have fans praying for a covid free summer of clubbing. ASF admonishes that this is only the first of a wealth of music scheduled for release this summer. So SAVE, FOLLOW and SHARE to start the first head banging ASF summer 2021. Let's make it a classic!

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